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The greatest Wealth Is Health ~ Virgil

Pricing For Consultations

30 Minute Visit


This visit is designed for simple consultations and brief laboratory test follow up.

60 Minute Visit


This visit is intended for the Initial intake of new patients to allow time to address all concerns and questions and initiate laboratory testing.

90 Minute Visit


This visit is intended for patients who have multiple concerns, complex medical conditions, and laboratory results from previous practitioners that they wish to have reviewed at their visit.


Supplements can be an important part of your path to wellness. At all times, be sure to choose the highest quality supplements that are free from contaminants and ethically sourced. I am pleased to offer you a medical grade supplement platform that will provide you a discount and ensure that you are purchasing the highest quality supplements available. 

Restorative Formulations: (Code to order - 3137308880JR)

Doctors Supplement


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